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Many of these photographs were taken in the region around the little Rocky Mountain town called Aspen, Colorado; one of the most beautiful places I know of on this planet earth.

The outdoor nudes are photographed in some of my favourite hidden niches; my favourites for their primitive beauty, their wildness, and their unique magnificence and splendour.

In the Aspen area, one cannot help but be deeply inspired by the environment itself. Add to this the natural beauty of woman in her nakedness, with its honesty and its power, which is the beauty and power of life itself. This beauty is the essence my photographs seek to portray.

The women I photograph are, I see, women of an adventurous spirit, drawn to the same beautiful locale that I and many others have been; and all for our own reasons. The strength of spirit and the love of life these women possess, make up as much a part of my inspiration to create this photographic art as the mountain environment itself.

I have been taking pictures for more than thirty years, learning along the way from photographers and artists of differing media about composition, light, and the non-teachable essence of what it is that makes a piece of art great. My training has been through simply looking at the world and seeing it as in a photograph. In addition I have taken numerous workshops with excellent teachers of the craft. And of course, I take my camera with me almost everywhere I go, and I have spent many hours in the darkroom printing my own images.